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Quick post, sorry I haven't said anything but school and everything. So I've been playing Sims 3 on and off, and sadly Jake, Livvie and all their lovely children sadly died in a saving accident. LUCKILY Luna and everyone was saved.

I've moved them to Los Angienos and so the sims wouldn't let me save so I had cancel. But at least I don't have to start again tho, I'm going to start having my sims have a story line, because it seems like they have a poor story line for any of my characters but give me some suggestions.

Also change of layout and header, I'll change the font colour of the heirs soonish. Also I have affilates, so if anyone wants to be one give me a shout out. Also I want to give them all story lines (the kids and all), so if anyone wants to help out with that that'll be lovely. There's not much to add really. But thank you all for commenting and reading all my stories. Follow me on tumblr and my simming tumblr. That's about it, thanks again <3 and I'll probably do updates every week/twice a week... it depends.

Oh I have another tumblr so you can spam people with your legacies Sims 3 Legacy Spam I've only had one, but I'll be planning to spam The Reids too! So yes.
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