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The Reid Legacy 2.4

Guess who's sick, again! Anyways, so read this if you haven't, so look at that because I'm too lazy to explain it here. So yes welcome back to the Reids! Missed me didn't you? I'm too irresistible. (I kid I kid) Anyways on with the show!
I've also been playing too much Wizard101, I love being a witch.

Archive Download a Reid

Last time on The Reid Legacy, the family moved into a very poorly and crappy designed home. Some babies were born and some aged up. The maid was being creepy, and nothing exciting happened. On with the show!

Remy: Back in my days, we used to have things called CD's. Not these Ipodes!
Jinx: We still have CD's grandma!
Remy: Really?

With hearing such good news that they still have CD's in 2011 Remy left home to go to the music store to get a CD.

Darren: We've lived in here for a week and I still think this house is new.

Luna is getting close to maxing out her guitar skills.

Landis: You're older sister wants to be writer, now I want her to be a doctor. But we will force her to be a doctor.

Luna had to preform, so it was time to call the Woohoo Warriors.

Meanwhile her father, Al decided to play around with the newly bought game.

Tiana(I think that's her name) decided to bring her daughter along.

Bar maid: I need a new job, I just keep seeing wasted guys like this guy in front of me.
Brownie points if you know who the guy is.

Darren decided to visit (this girls name who I've forgotten).

Jinx: Ugh, I hate this homework. I guess I can tell the teacher that my brother had his birthday so I couldn't do it. WHAT A PERFECT PLAN!

But Jinx was telling the truth anyways, and here is her proof.

Darren: I don't care if I'm going to be turning 13, I want this cake. ALL OF IT!

There's a difference in this photo, I don't know if you can see it but it's there.

Darren: I'm going to see if any ladies want this!

So a time change and a new look. Darren decided to teach his younger sister math.
Darren: Now, don't like a triangle, they're too hipster. I don't want you turning into a vampire. You're too cool for hipsters, they're so mainstream.

Luna forced Darren to meet one of the girls she works with. Darren dragged Jinx along so he couldn't get in trouble for being out at night. Guess who we spot! Coal Spectra arisily

Darren: Well this is awkward.
Jinx: I'm going to go do homework.

Darren: So what's your name?
Lexie: Lexie Lush.
Darren: Well Miss. Lush, I'm Darren Reid. Son of Luna and Landis Reid and grandson of Remy and Al Reid. I think you've heard of them.
We meet Lexie Lush (If you want to have her in your game please do ask, I'm tempted to put her up!) who just moved to Bridgeport.

Lexie: Yeah your mum and I work together.
Darren: Oh yeah right, so you're famous right?
Lexie: I'm getting there.

Darren: Ugh, I want to sleep on her back

And homework Jinx did.

Darren finally got his first kiss.

Darren: Wow, my first kiss-
Lexie: You're first kiss? Dude, I'm not so good with first kisses. Why didn't you tell me?
Darren: I was in the moment!

Lexie: Darren, I know your father is some up and coming politician. And-

Darren: Shut up my sister's in the room.
Jinx: Sup bro?
Jinx: You didn't have to yell.


Remy: Why couldn't I be an astronut? That way I wouldn't have failed my want of being a hairdresser!
Honestly every second she gets the want to join the stylist career when she's retired and she isn't even ambitious.

<3 Cauteee

Al: Why couldn't you of been a Doctor?
Seems Al and Landis share the same trait.

Al: You're music is beautiful Luna!

Luna *Singing* Thank you Daaadddddd
Al: Doctorrrr

Landis: I think Cas or Chris got into the dryer!


._. Yeah I don't know why either.

Luna eventually got her guitar skilled maxed.

Landis: That chair doesn't look perfect.

Al decided to make a Miner. And not someone under the age of 18.

After not seeing Lexie for days, Darren called her up.
Darren: Hey Lexie, do you want to come over?
Lexie: I don't know, I've got homework.
Darren: Come on!

Jinx: Hey guys. So today is my birthday. Ugh so excited. I'll be 13, 13 wow that scares me. But at least I'm not a 13 year old who talks illiterate right?

Landis: Chris, I'm going to force your oldest sister to stop blogging and become a doctor.

Darren didn't know that Lexie was here.
Remy: So you work with my daughter?
Lexie: Yes ma'me.
Remy: And you're having relations with my grandson?
Lexie: I wouldn't say-
Remy: Marry him before he runs away.

Lexie: Your grandmother is weird, she told me about the earth changing and everything.
Darren: Don't mind her, she talks about anything.
Remy: Now to do the laundry.

Darren: Tell me something about mum!
Lexie: She likes computers.
Darren: Something I didn't know.

Darren: She's beautiful!

A random change of clothes.
Lexie: Hey Darren I want to check out your room, if you get what I mean.
Darren: But weren't you annoyed at me because I was a virgin.
Lexie: After you left, I thought. It's cute that you're like this!

Remy and Al: That baby won't shut up will it?


Oh god no.

So after a change, Jinx started to speak to her brother's "friend"
Lexie: Scientology is amazing. There's aliens inside of our bodies from Saturn!
Jinx: Please leave now.
(I totally didn't look up Scientology for an hour which lead me to thinking of watching BASEketball later tonight, nope never happened)

First thing Jinx did as a teenager, a dip in the spa.

The whole family needed to hang out together because all they did was the same thing over and over and over again.

Chris: I quiet like these marshmallows that mum buys.
Cas: Eh, they're no awesome.

Chris: Oh the flames are burning my hand!
Cas: And why were you called the genius of this family?

Remy: I break toilets even not at my own home! Blimey.

Jinx: Oh hello
Lexie: This is my friend Jessie, I thought you two would be good match.

Cas: Honestly, who'd think dad could be a politic?
Chris: You have a point.

After the family outing, Remy decided to visit her son.
Remy: Are you Charlot?
Leo: No meh-maw. I'm Leonardo. The youngest.
Remy: Awkward turtle.

Remy: Why couldn't you become a hairdresser? Then you could have been my sucsessor!
Jake: That's a bit gay tho mum!
Remy: It's your fault I won't be known around the world!
Jake: But you are known around the world.

Why is Vlad dressed like that, and secondly why is he in the house?

Jake: Why is mum so crazy right now?

Jake: SO ELECTRICITY PRICES ARE GOING UP HUH? Good call Jake, good call.

Leo: Did you buy us this house meh-maw?
Remy: Yes Charlot. Yes I did.
Leo: It's Leonardo.

OCD gets to the best of us!

Al came back from the past.
Al: After all the time traveling, I feel tired! Sigh.

Al then decided to drill a hole. Exciting!

Al: Back in my day, we used to have things called Records!
Landis: Dad, we still have 'em.
Al: REALLY? No one ever tells me anything these days!

Al: Do they still pay by Diamonds?
Landis: Yes dad.

It was then randomly Landis's birthday.

Nothing changed!

It was then Luna's birthday, nothing changed.

Remy: Maybe I should tell my online friend I've got to sleep.

Remy: LOL NO!

Chris: I hate that minor thing.

Al finished drilling a hole into the middle of the Earth, he got sucked in.

Al: I've got so much to live for! Tell Remy I love her!

The Reids moved. again.

Chris wanted to max another skill.

A few hours later Al came back onto a place that wasn't his.
Al: What? Where am I? How long was I down there for? Did Remy miss me? I'm hungry!

Al: I'm finally home!
Remy: I'm 100 and I haven't gotten my letter from the Queen yet!

Darren: You're good with math right dad?
Landis: Sadly, no.

Cas: What is Chris doing?

Jinx decided to make her father more mad and decided she wanted to be an architect when she was older.

Darren: What is this show?
Remy: The British make the best shows!

Luna: It's called destiny Darren!
Cas: You've lost her bro!

Jinx: Does anyone know math? Hello?

I always thought it'd turn out as an apple. He maxed out his artistic, now one more.

Jinx: Mum's asleep again isn't she?

Remy: Again? Really Luna?
Jinx: No, she's just sleeping.

New maid, forgot her name.


Landis likes to make things personal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh I forgot to mention, Darren got brave, Jinx got Bookworm, Chris got Shy and Cas got adventurous. I think the use of World Adventures will be coming soon! Probably after REMY AND AL DIE! Honestly, Remy's 100 and Al is like 96-97. They need to die! I'm so mean.

This update took my whole day, I was doing other things too tho. *cough*
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