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The Reid Legacy 2.5

WHO IS LANDSHARKKIDD? Well hello guys, it's melissajanexo here. I changed accounts because I didn't want to use melissajanexo and I'm landsharkkidd about everywhere (except youtube and facebook), but I'm still of course the same person, just different username. So it's been a while, I didn't forget about you. Anyways here is finally an update with an heir poll! :D

Archive Download a Reid

Last time, the family moved to Los Angienos and into a new home. Darren fell in love, but had to leave but found out the girl he was so madly in love with has a twin sister with the same name who lives alone, and Jinx hates math. The twins aged up and Remy won't friggen die.

It was the next morning in the Reid household. Chris was playing with his telescope.

Al: Do you know how awkward it is to be the only one with gray hair here?

Al: Remy love, we should go and get some green tea!
Remy: Why can't he leave?

Darren found out where Lexie (Lexie's twin sister) lives. He forced Jinx, Cas and Chris to come with him so he can show Lexie what a great older brother he is.

Darren: She didn't come to school today, why didn't she come to school today?

Chris: Drako (mykasims) don't poke your tongue out!

Cas: Grandpa, I think politics are dumb, what do you think?
Al: So do I.
Landis: O.O

Luna left the family lunch because he agent called up for her to meet insert name here

We're going out with a bang aren't we Al? You were only in three pictures anyways!

Remy: You know what Al, I've been meaning to go to the toilet since you and I were talking about green tea!

Remy: Now that we're on the topic of green tea I really have to pee, and I want green tea.

Remy: AL! You're supposed to be here and listen to me whine about my bladder problems!
Darren: Oh dear god, not bladder problems again!

GTFO Grim Reaper.

Grim: You've had it too easy Al. Now it's your time to shine!

Remy: AL!

Remy: This is a bit embarrassing.
Death: Does she ever shut up?
Al: I've been married to her for 70 odd years!

Remy: What if I read up on books and get Al back!
Chris: loved you gramps, bye. Now to check out my Neopets!
Darren: GRANPA!

R.I.P big guy, there's probably time machines up in heaven. Guys, I shed a tear, I really did. Not going to lie.

Nothing big (That's what she said)

Darren: Yeah Grandpa died, and it smells like dead flies in here.
Death: Don't think you two are special. I'm coming for you soon!

Remember this woman.

Chris: I'm sorry that I cared more about my neopets than you Grandpa. I love you!
Jinx: We could put his ashes into the pool.

Cas: Yeah and we got heaps of money from grandpa!

I still yet to give him a name. Any ideas?

Now let me tell you, Al's death was running through the house and every second they'd cry out his name and everything. He wasn't even close to his kids/grandkids.

Even Landis was affected by it.

It seems like no one likes school.

Remy: Oh Al! Why'd you have to leave me?

Point. Proven.

Chris: At least you don't torment me about my PJ's

The next morning Luna was organizing Chris and Cas's birthday party. She didn't realise Chris could hear her.

On the way, Jinx broke down.

Lexie: It's Chris Reid! Oh my!

Birthday times! The next hundredfifteen photo's won't be clear as the night sky.

Ben Baker mykasims aged up!

Darren: I'm too sexy for this shirt.

Jinx: I hate this math homework. Ms. M is such a poobumb.

Like the new fridge?


Butler: When can I leave?

Someone uses the pool! Finally!

I swear he's going to be an artist when he's older!

Darren: I can't wait till I can leave school!

Landis hadn't been in any screenshots for a while.
Darren: We'll leave school and elope.
Landis: Son, I'm proud of you!

Pepper Spectra (Spectra Legacy) and Lexie Lush turned up at the family home.

Apperntly everyone was there.

Drako decided to leave.

No one took notice that people were at the door. Also this is their new maid. Yep.

It's paparazzi woman! Still remember her!

Ben: Oh Cas! Hello!

Chris: Hey Papo lady! Notice me!

Jinx: Maybe you and I and everyone in our group could go to the movies!
Pepper: Yeah that'd be cool!


Pap: Oh I think Darren's taken by someone!
Darren isn't even famous.

I never noticed that, I don't even have a height enhancer thingo.

Pepper: I'm in the house of Cas Reid! Oh my!


I believe she was 104 or 105. Something over 100.

Remy: Is there food in heaven?
Death: Yes Remy, there is food in heaven.
Remy: Okay good I'm starving!

I shed a tear with Remy as well, I mean she's the founder. So yeah ♥

The lovers.

And these two are next. How evil am I?

They're also still in love!

Landis: Don't worry Luna! It'll be alright!

Jinx: Now that Grandma Remy's dead we can not buy bikes!
Cas: What if I'm into saving the environment. +

Cas: Yeah she's not with us. I'm so sad! D:

Darren: Where would the kids toys go?
Luna: Maybe here?


I'm loving the lighting mod a lot!

Jinx: Chris? Shh, Chris. What-What are you doing here?

Jinx: It's grandma?
Chris: Well, I wanted to have some fresh air, but I miss her!

Chris: Oh Drako, you're here! I just- I miss my Grandma!

Drako: It's okay Chris! Come here.

Jinx: Hey Pepper! My grandma died.
Pepper: Okay. How are you?

Jinx: You have something on your lips.
Pepper: Oh saving it for later! *laughs*

Pepper: Wait, you were kissing me? I'm sorry but I don't like girls.
Jinx: I swear you had a piece of fish stuck to your lips!

Pepper: The cops are here! You better go while I stand awkwardly and not get in trouble or run home at all!

Back at home. Drako was telling Chris something important about him.
Drako: So my great-great-great-great-grandfather came from-
Chris: Where? Where'd he come from?

Jinx: I was going home anyways! Darn it!

Drako: So every male heir of my family can have babies.
Drako: I'll get you photo proof!

AL! I missed you :3

Al: Looks like Chris is in love!


Whatdya know, he goes to reading. Odd.

Luna had to go to the school and donate a check to them.

Landis: Miss. Maid person, would you please stop drinking my children's blood juice and get back to work please?

Random guy: It's Luna Reid, working at my gym! Oh my gawd!

Cas got the athletic trait, so I found her doing this. She's practically acing it in one go. I was wondering how she did that until I realised that she's a vampire.

LOVE YOU GLITCH! Also note the woman with black over her chest, yeah you could see her boobies. But I'm family friendly *cough* and scribbled them out for you!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So this is the last of gen 2 <3, I did cry when Al and Remy died, it was sad for me. Anyways, so I don't know what else to put here, but I don't know when the next update is. I've been playing sims 3 all this week to get this out and yeah. I was going to put Darren's birthday in it and then I decided not to. Also I might make Cas fall in love with a Marx since Ben decided to run off and fall in love with someone else. I should also put Lexie up for download, as her YA self. Yep.

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